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Bella Vita Yachting: Our Mission

Bella Vita Yachting operates in the sale of Italian luxury yachting products, toys and pleasure boats between 30 and 55 feet.
Our products are intended for those who want to discover the pleasures of the luxury of simplicity and the slow passing of time, doing nothing but relaxing on a 100% high-quality made-in-Italy product.

Our Legacy

Our mission is pursued by promoting the luxury of Italian craftsmanship through both innovative and classic products that take full advantage of our nautical tradition.
For centuries men have lived in symbiosis with steel and wood worked in shipyards, where a rich tradition of craftsmanship has been handed down from father to son.
All of this results in producing the best yachting products in the world that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Style, Innovation and Bella Vita

Craftsmanship inheritance

For centuries, Italian craftsmen have handed down the secrets of manufacturing quality to subsequent generations, creating a context where tradition and innovation blend together perpetually.

Neverending Bella Vita

Above all being Italian means enjoying the good life. We fully pursue this philosophy and promote it in our products to let the people taste the Italian style worldwide.

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