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Gagliotta Yachts: 70 Years Of Passion

The glorious history of the Gagliotta shipyard dates back to the early 1950s thanks to the genius of Salvatore Gagliotta, a motoring and boating enthusiast, who, not yet thirty years old, created the first prototypes of fast boats in the tuff caves of Mergellina in Naples.

In those years, Salvatore Gagliotta developed a series of Hunt-type hulls which would represent the strong point of his boats in the following periods, during which the production from amateur transformed into semi-industrial, maintaining the vocation for fast, safe and comfortable boats unchanged.

From Off-Shore Racing To Pleasure Boats

Gagliotta is first and foremost sports boats born from the world of competitions. Don Aronow, the legendary Cigarette producer, famously stated that “the only fairings in Europe worthy of being copied are those of Gagliotta.” Today the boats produced by the shipyard combine the still present high performance with top-level comfort and habitability.

Today’s Fleet

The technical evolution of the shipyard continued over time until arriving at the most commercially successful lines, which find their realization in Gagliotta’s two flagship models, namely the Fisherman and the Lobster, which are still totally handcrafted today by the shipwrights of the Italian nautical tradition.


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